Thursday, August 26, 2010


Eight years ago, when I was recovering from open heart surgery, I wrote that it was difficult at times to stay focused on recovery and feeling better. That was a big surgery, yes, but within two weeks my prospects were good again. There was no protracted treatment or life impact, except of course for focusing on living a healthier life. That experience proved to me that a positive attitude is both a discipline - a constantly cultivated perspective - as well as key to a healthy outcome.

But Elaine’s experience is showing us that maintaining a sunny disposition becomes far more difficult as the challenge drags on, and the prospects for getting better become more uncertain. The most difficult part of a long disease could be the exhaustion that ultimately can overwhelm, or at least shake the resolve of, even the best efforts to remain positive and clear. After 6 months that have included 5 hospitalizations, 4 surgeries, an emergency visit and 5 cycles of having poisons infused into her body, Elaine and I are having our resolve tested. And we know we have a very long road ahead.