Sunday, December 9, 2012

Elaine Update 12/09/12


It has been a difficult couple weeks, but Elaine's pain has subsided quite a bit, her strength has slowly returned and she is now able to get around and take walks again. She got a haircut and we went to the grocery store yesterday. Tomorrow we’re contemplating venturing out to a movie.

There’s nothing pleasant about having a bile bag attached to your side. Her appetite was severely knocked back and she’s dropped about 5% of her weight. There have been the inevitable frustrating moments when one of us has overturned something on the bedside table or something goes awry with the care. We’ve discovered some new washing techniques and have found that simply moving through and dispatching each situation is the best, just as in the rest of life. Throughout all this Elaine’s remained buoyant and steady. She’s been indulging in ice cream, which is great, and I’m developing menus that will plump her back up.

She has another procedure this Friday to remove the drain, implant a stent in the bile duct, and take "brushings" that should help us determine whether the source of the blockage was a metastasis or something else. We're still a little on edge about that, but all in all grateful that we appear to be on the downside of this episode.

Thanks so much for the outpouring of good wishes, which have been wonderful salve as she’s gone through this.


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